Entropia Digital

Entropia Digital is a mobile company TETRA telecommunication network for the professional user and is established in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Entropia Digital is a mobile company telecommunication network for the professional user and is established around Bruges and Rotterdam.The application of the digital trunking technique enables optimal radio traffic for both speech and data communication between radiotelephones and walkie-talkies as towards a central point, the radio room.Joint use belongs to the past and a client no longer has to invest in network infrastructure. During the last few years the Tetra digital technique has gone through an evolution. The walkie-talkies go down in price, the speech quality improves and the Call Set-up has decreased to a value under 300 mS.

The Entropia subscription can be fully tuned to the average use a month, the coverage area and the necessary facilities. The subscription usually includes a flat-fee rate a month and this by network connection (subscriber). This way the user can budget his user’s costs for a longer period, beforehand and without any surprises. This makes it possible to tune it to the communication with PSTN on the public telephone network and to for example priority calls. See also our promotion formula. A technical fireworks is the direct link to the internet through our data center in Brussels and since 2010 also in Amsterdam.

Entropia offers through his partners a digital gateway between the Trunked Radio Network and all conventional networks. Other worldwide trunking operators or companies can also use the data applications of Entropia. For connecting Entropia, we prefer the digital radio-beam link. This makes it possible to offer high Service Levels (SLA’s). Entropia Digital has an excellent reputation when it comes to quality, durability and reliability.

Thanks to its constant control of the process - from demand up until the realization of the service - Entropia provides a service that meets all your needs and which will bring you pleasure for many years to come.Your service, including the network infrastructure, the configuration and the special desired functionalities fall under the Entropia Digital guarantee.

Should any problem arise, then a simple phone call to Entropia will do the trick.

Our guarantee service team is stand by to serve you.

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