Airbus Finalises Extension and Modernisation of Bulgarian TETRA Network01-11-2017

Source: MCCResources

Airbus and Bulgaria’s Telcom Engineering Ltd have received a contract award to extend and modernise the public security network of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior (MoI).

This network provides secure communication services to almost twenty thousand users through over 170 base stations.

Airbus has delivered new base stations, the new DXTA Tetra server, ten dispatching work stations, a network management system (NMS) upgrade, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), a new billing solution and most importantly capability to allow broadband users to join the Tetra communication network via the use of the Tactilon Agnet application.

vasko-hristov_sofia1.jpg“This realisation marks an outstanding progress for Bulgaria”, says Olivier Koczan, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “With the implementation of our Tactilon Agnet, the Bulgarian public safety network has now become one of the most modern Tetra networks and one of the first in the world enabling seamless group communication between Tetra and commercial smartphone users.”

The contract for network extension was signed mid-April this year and the final acceptance was granted early October. “Our relation with the Bulgarian MoI dates back many years, when the decision was taken to build a nationwide Tetra network in the country,” says Olivier Koczan. “The ambitious delivery schedule of the new contract was made possible by the very close cooperation between the Bulgarian MoI, Telcom Engineering Ltd and Airbus teams.”

The network is used by Public Safety users such as police, border guards, fire-brigades and rescue services. It has been extended to provide additional coverage to the European Union’s external borders.