COREMOTE Tactics allows locating field teams and managing mobile operations whether you need to handle routine tasks or swiftly move to managing a larger crisis.

Managing the unexpected can be difficult but with good planning, the ability to communicate, share information and respond swiftly the situation can be stabilized effectively.

COREMOTE Tactics is an automatic location and fleet management, task management and dispatching solution for user organizations managing mobile operations. It allows sharing information between organizations and building situational awareness for better and faster decision-making.

The system provides a platform for supporting the operations of police force, emergency services, fire departments, transportation and utilities. The COREMOTE Tactics solution is modular, and provides comprehensive support for large organizations, but it also scales down for very small organizations.

COREMOTE Tactics is network-agnostic, supporting tracking and receiving data over different network technologies such as TETRA, LTE, HYBRID, P25, ASTRO etc. This means the system is reliable even in major crises when public network capacity can be limited or unavailable. It also makes the system future-proof, as it adapts to future mobile broadband technologies while maintaining its existing functionality.

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