Rohill Connects DCT Gdansk with TETRA09-08-2017

Source: MCCResources

In June this year, IP Connect from Poland has completed the works on the TETRA system for the DCT container terminal in Gdansk. The installation was designed and based on both the hardware & software solutions of TETRA manufacturer Rohill.

For this project, two TetraNode base stations were implemented at a distance of several hundred meters apart to ensure a good level of reliability. The whole system was tethered to the port IP network, so both stations could complement each other in the event of a component failure.

To support efficient communications at the port, a Rohill LDS Chameleon Dispatch Station has been installed to facilitate the operation of hundreds of TETRA terminals and devices. The dispatch system does also record all radio traffic.

As TETRA is an open technology, DCT decided to use TETRA terminals from different manufacturers.

According to IP Connect, migrating from the old, worn-out TETRA system to the modern Rohill TetraNode solution took only about a minute and it did not cause even the slightest disruption to the activities in the port.

As Reliable radio communication is crucial to the operation of the container terminal, the redundant Rohill TetraNode system is designed to work well under the extreme conditions. In addition, IP Connect has signed a contract to provide SLA services, which further contributes to improving system reliability.