Hytera Releases Statement on Motorola Solutions’ Litigation08-08-2017

Source: MCCResources

On the website of Hytera, the company has released an official statement on the Motorola Solutions’ litigation stating that the company is disappointed that their competitor continues to use legal maneuvers to interfere with Hytera's business success.

Below you can read a copy of the Hytera Statement

Hytera is Winning
Since its founding in 1993, Hytera Communications has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and selling world-class professional mobile radio solutions for mission-critical applications. Hytera’s products are innovative, high-quality, and reliable, offering our customers the optimal combination of features, custom solutions, and competitive pricing in the industry. For these reasons, since 1993 Hytera has become the second-largest PMR provider in the world. We are the world’s fastest-growing PMR solutions provider and the #1 DMR trunking provider.

Response to New Filings
Hytera is disappointed that our competitor continues to use legal maneuvers to interfere with Hytera's business success. But we are not surprised. Motorola Solutions continues to choose to compete with Hytera in the courtroom instead of in the market, and continues its tactic of alerting the media every time it makes another filing. Hytera will continue to contest our competitor's baseless claims. We are confident we will prevail, and we are committed to competing in all our markets worldwide.

Success Based on Innovation
Hytera's success is built on innovation—and innovation is part of our culture. We firmly believe in intellectual property rights and we respect the intellectual property rights of others. Last year, Hytera devoted more than 15% of our gross annual revenues to research and development. As of 2017, Hytera has applied for more than 543 patents relating to digital products, and of these 238 were granted. In the first half of 2017, Hytera filed for 110 patents in China and has been awarded 73 patents; 17 of these were filed under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty, which allows the patents to apply in other treaty countries after two years.

Hytera has approximately 4,000 engineers working on product development. Earlier this year, Hytera launched its LTE-PMR Convergence Solution, which comprises multi-mode advanced radio terminals, narrowband-broadband infrastructure, and management software. This latest Hytera innovation straddles narrowband and broadband communication, helping ensure customers that critically important voice services remain accessible while they continue to use technologies such as TETRA, DMR, and PDT.

Commitment to Global Customers
Hytera is succeeding because of our strategy to bring our innovative products to new markets:


Hytera's acquisitions enhance our capabilities in TETRA, public security, and public transportation. Norsat’s products complement Hytera's existing business and create new opportunities for us to offer innovative solutions to customers. As a result of these acquisitions, Hytera now offers customers an even broader range of products to help them address their security challenges and improve operational efficiency.

Hytera's Path to Success: Competing on Innovation, Quality, and Value
Hytera believes in the free market, and Hytera is winning in the competitive marketplace. Competition results in increased innovation and in turn gives dealers and customers more choices. Customers love Hytera’s market-leading products and solutions and our compelling value proposition. Hytera always puts its customers first. We will continue to live by that principle to bring cutting-edge solutions and products to market.