Chinese Ambassador in Mexico paves the way for Hytera and Huawei14-07-2017

Source: MCCResources

State Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval and Xiaoqi Qui, ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Mexico, led a business meeting to strengthen trade & cultural ties as part of the initiative in bringing local entrepreneurs closer to Chinese investors

"Aguascalientes is a state with a solid and constant economic growth, its privileged geographical location allows the connectivity with the main seaports, it has a road network that connect us easily with the whole country; But also the human factor, which is the most important, the quality and warmth of the people. We have a workforce committed, trained, and with a high academic level," said Orozco Sandoval.

During the meeting, Orozco Sandoval highlighted the permanent training of human capital and educational actions, such as dual models in which students strengthen and practice what was learned in classrooms, bilingual system and impulse to acquire a third or fourth language such as German, Japanese or Chinese.

In his speech, Xiaoqi Qui said that China and Mexico are important countries in the world map, with emerging economies, which in the case of the Asian country is already positioned as the second economy in the world, while our country plays a strategic role in being Within the first 15 major economic powers.

He expressed the political will to work, to contribute to this approach, and emphasizing that this business and political meeting between the two parties is a firm and decisive step in bilateral relations.

The State President and the Chinese diplomat met for the first time in Aguascalientes three months ago, in order to establish a first contact and agree on a joint work agenda, from which this second meeting was the result.

During the meeting, directors of Chinese companies established in Mexico participated such as Huawei Technologies of Mexico, Hytera Communications Corp, aas well as other non Chinese tech companies.

Picture: Courtesey of El Sol del Centro