Airbus’ SmarTWISP Programme Reaches the Next Level 10-05-2017

Source: MCCResources

Application developer portal offers free access and tools for the Tactilon Dabat.

Airbus has reached the next level by creating a healthy application ecosystem for mobile hybrid devices in the field of public safety and critical communications. Application developers can now register free of charge for the Airbus SmarTWISP programme. Having obtained approval, they can try out the new solution development kit for the Tactilon Dabat, an Android smartphone with a full Tetra radio inside. The free membership enables qualified and approved developers to access guidelines, tools and the application programming interface (API).

“Airbus feels attracted to creative spirits who invent applications for rescue services, police officers or firefighters. That is the reason why the SmarTWISP programme is about to become the first platform for application developers who focus on security issues and industrial solutions,” says Eric Davalo, Head of Strategy, Solutions Portfolio and Engineering of Secure Land Communications at Airbus. As this programme is generating a new ecosystem for Airbus smart devices, it gradually implements a professional system to select and sell the most useful and secure applications for Android users in the public safety sector.

In the future, the programme’s benefits will be twofold: thanks to the Airbus quality checks and certification, application users will know that all the functions on their devices will be secure, meeting the specific needs of public safety users. The developers themselves profit from tools and reward schemes, especially when applications sell excellently.

During the Critical Communications World (CCW) exhibition in Hong Kong from 16 to 18 May 2017, Airbus will announce more details about how developers worldwide can register for it.