HTM to Receive new TETRA Network13-04-2017

Source: MCCResources

TETRA Integrator Koning & Hartman has won the contract for the construction, management and maintenance of the Tetra network for HTM Public Transport, covering the Haaglanden region in The Netherlands.

This network is used for all communication between 'the shore' and the vehicles of HTM; such as the communication between employees, communication from the trams and buses and the central control room. HTM opted for a network as a service at Koning & Hartman. The multi-year contract has already been signed.

The contract includes the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the new Tetra network for HTM. The connection of the network with the Remote Service Center Koning & Hartman is part of the contract, making sure that the entire network is remotely managed and maintained. Additionally Koning & Hartman will also be responsible for the acquisition of new sites and will deliver the central control room solution as well as additional solutions to support mobile and portable radio communications.

The signed contract has a duration of five years, with the possibility of renewal for ten years. The first works have already started.