City of Shenzhen Replaces TETRA Technology with Hytera PDT 26-01-2017

Source: MCCResources

Hytera has recently won a tender for the Shenzhen police to replace a TETRA communications system with PDT, worth of 101.9 million yuan ($14.86 million).

Under the agreement, Hytera will provide a PDT communications system, terminals and after-sales service for the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. The network will cover the whole city.

At present, TETRA is being used in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other provinces and cities in China. However, as in recent years, the intellectual property rights of China's private network communication standard, PDT, has matured the progress of implementation of PDT communication networks have significantly accelerated.

Shenzhen City, as the economic centre of the South, deals on a daily bases with the increased use of  government and public communication systems (included with high tech command and control solutions), to support emergency response. In this city special communication needs are even more complex than other cities.

The change from Tetra to the PDT standard is the first project in China and according to Hytera, it looks like the successful implementation of this project will help other provinces and cities to switch from TETRA to PDT as well.