Norwegian Public Roads Administration joins Nødnett 27-10-2016

Source: MCCResources

After a study phase, Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) has decided to start using Nødnett in their organization.

NPRA and and DNK already do have a long relationship as both companies have worked together with the establishment of the Emergency Network Coverage in tunnels.

"Nødnett is for users with special responsibility within the emergency and rescue, and it is clearly something for the NPRA", says Nina Myren, Deputy Director General - Business Developement, DNK.
NPRA is an important emergency operator in Norway. They are partly represented in the county emergency councils and works closely with the police and other emergency operators. For already a long period of time NPRA wanted a robust connection that is adapted for cooperation with other organizations with public safety responsibilities.
"We need a robust radio that works durng a crises situation and on a daily basis. In addition, Nødnett give us virtually full coverage along the roads as well as in cities and towns", says Bjørn Vidar Saltrø, responsible for the introduction of the emergency network in the agency.
The introduction is planned in stages and will be pursued in close cooperation with DNK. Already in September NPRA established an interdisciplinary working group for introducing the project which has now finalized the specification for the procurement of radio terminals.

The first order will probably exist of about 200 TETRA radio terminals, and will be ordered in December.

NPRA plans, builds and maintains roads throughout Norway, including 50 mountain passes. They have 7000 employees, 72 traffic stations and five road traffic centers. Other parts of the organization will also adopt Nødnett.