Dutch Fire Brigade launches IBARC 2 TETRA Radio Tender 24-08-2016

Source: MCCesources

Yesterday, the Dutch Fire Brigade, through IFV (Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid), has launched a mobile radio tender to purchase more than 3600 mobile TETRA subscribers and operator terminals.

The tender was launched to support sixteen safety regions in their day-to-day communications on the C2000 Public Safety TETRA network in The Netherlands .

In the tender document, IFV announced these numbers are not yet final as there is a bandwidth of approximately 20%.

The Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice started a project to replace the C2000 network, where in 2017 the old C2000 Motorola TETRA network, will fully be replaced with new infrastructure from Hytera Mobilfunk. The current planning of the project can affect the participation of one of the security region (Brabant Noord Region) participating in this tender. This security region is still in possession of mobile radios that are not suitable to fully function on the new C2000 network. However, this security region indicated that they prefer to get together with other participating security regions in order to purchase the new IBARC2 mobile radios and operator terminals.

As the integration of mobile radios and operator terminals is relatively complex, the Dutch Fire brigade decided to waive tendering into separate lots. In this case only one supplier will be responsible for integrating the operator terminals and mobile radios.

The deadline for submitting an entry is 1 November 2016.

More details on this tender can be found here.

Picture: Credit Hugo Janssen under Creative Commons.