Hytera launches 360° campaign during IWCE 2016 30-03-2016

Source: MCCResources

Hytera Communications launched the campaign of 360° Coverage, Care & Capacity at its first leg of Hytera Worldwide 360° Seminar 2016 in Las Vegas on the first two days of International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

Around 300 delegates from over 40 countries were present at this seminar.

360° Coverage, Care & Capacity
"The 360° campaign is really about how we look at challenges and solutions from the users' and partners' perspectives. We are committed to building comprehensive capacity of users, partners and ourselves by caring about all you need through our coverage of full range of technologies and expertise. Simply put, that's 360° Coverage, Care & Capacity," commented Mr. Cai Hai, Vice President of Hytera Communications, during the first session "Voice of Experts"

Presentation of the LTE product line
Mr. G. S. Kok, Senior Vice President and Mr. John Hu, Director of LTE Dept. of Hytera Communications joint hands to demonstrate Hytera's excellence of bringing digital broad band technologies to the users, and Hytera's insights, strategy and roadmap of LTE, which completes the 360° Coverage of main stream professional communication technologies.

360° Industry Solutions
The second session "360° Industry Solutions" highlighted Hytera's communication solutions for some major sectors as well as 360° Channel Care initiatives. Users and partners from different countries, such as America, South Africa, Kazakhstan, etc., were invited to share their success stories of how to engage customers, and how advanced and customized solutions from Hytera become a helping hand for their daily operation.

Firsthand information
"It is a fully packed agenda of one and a half day, 22 presentations in total. What we are trying to do here in Las Vegas is to set up a platform of insight exchanges. We believe our customers deserve to know the full picture of technologies evolvement and the better way of migrating to the future, and that's the idea of Hytera Worldwide 360° Seminar 2016," said Dylan Liu, International Marketing Director of Hytera Communications.