Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection signs agreement for TETRA system in Athens


The police in the city of Athens (ELAS) will finally be able to use a TETRA system. According to CNN Greece, after 3 years, the contract with Sepura was signed. Besides a securely encrypted radio communication ELAS control room will also benefit location services. This enables control room to have a clear a picture of where the police forces are located. The contract signed by the Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection Nikos Tossa and will be valid for a period of six years. The contract of the former TETRA communications system was expired in 2004, shortly after the Olympic Games. Its maintenance was four times more expensive than other overseas systems. Since then ELAS has returned to the old analogue communications system, with the result that criminal organizations were able to monitor police frequencies and interfere with police operations. More dangerous, however, was the fact that there were signs in Attica where it was problematic for the police officers to communicate with the control center.

From november onwards, the Sepura system will initially cover 99% of Attica.

Source: CNN Greece

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