FirstNet Momentum: Official Notice Provided to Governors, 90-Day Timeline Begins


FirstNet delivered official notice of State Plans to governors today. Governors will have 90 days – until Dec. 28 – to decide whether to accept the FirstNet/AT&T plan for deploying the nationwide public safety broadband network or initiate the process to have the state take on the responsibility for deploying its own Radio Access Network (RAN) that must be interoperable with the FirstNet network. This key milestone follows delivery of updated State Plans to the states and territories last week. FirstNet and AT&T initially released build-out plans in June 2017 – 3 months ahead of schedule – and have since consulted with the states, territories, and the District of Columbia to refine those plans based on the feedback received.

The governor of each state and territory has the option to adopt the FirstNet plan to build the network in his or her state or territory, which shifts all responsibility and costs for deploying, operating, maintaining, and improving the network to FirstNet and AT&T (“opt in”); or elect to take on the risk, responsibility and costs associated with building, operating, maintaining, and improving their own RAN (“opt out”). If a state does not take any action on its updated State Plan by Dec. 28, the state will automatically opt in to the FirstNet network. FirstNet will then issue a task order for AT&T to begin deploying the RAN portion of the network in the state.

Source: FirstNet

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