TETRATAB supports UK Operator O2 with CASEBOOK 3


O2 has developed a specialised device exclusively for the healthcare sector in partnership with TETRATAB: The Casebook 3 for Healthcare. This low-cost, ruggedised two-in-one tablet offers new ways of working that will generate much-needed operational efficiencies. Special features include shock, dust and water resistance, Latex-free construction with an antimicrobial coating, strong security and a six-hour battery life when used continuously – and up to nine days on standby.

Regarding the Casebook 3, Walter comments, “Providing a device with secured connectivity is simply a commodity, a tick in a box in some ways, and just the start of the journey. What will make this journey exciting is the wave of innovation that will come on the back of a connected NHS workforce. From time savings to more efficient patient care, reducing staff sickness to increasing staff morale and retention, the opportunities for positive change seem to me to be almost endless.”

Source: CIO

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