TETRA service provider Pro-M Zrt. joins roundtable discussion on terrorism


TETRA communications service provider for law enforcement organisations in Hungary, Pro-M Zrt., recently joined an important round table discussion „Protection against terrorism and protection of mass events”. In the discussion, it was highly useful for Pro-M Zrt. to get acquainted with the work of the event organizers, the way they wanted to prepare for a larger event and what they considered the most important aspects in their work. The talks clearly highlighted that the different contributors have long realized the growing threats of terrorism and the need for co-operation to deal with these. They act accordingly in their daily work, where they actively rely on the state-of-the-art technology tools, one of which is the communication service provided by Pro-M Zrt.

In the context of mass events and terrorist threats present today, the participants agreed that 100% security does not exist. Terrorists are always pushing one step ahead of defense, always developing new and emerging methods, because if they succeed they have achieved their ultimate goal, intimidation. However, defense actors are greatly assisted by their many years of experience and the emergence and daily application of state-of-the-art technical tools at their disposal. The service of Pro-M Zrt. also provides assistance to this. Yet, the participants also agreed that preparation and modern technology in themselves would be insufficient without the understanding and cooperation of the society. But the experience of the event organizers confirms that society agrees with the methods of defense, and people even increasingly demand them for their own safety. Pro-M Zrt. as a state-of-the-art government communications service provider, is happy to share its experience with those interested, helping to counteract terrorism.

Source: Pro-M Zrt

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