Procom announces PROCOM PRO-DIPX 80/88 50W Diplexer


If you are looking to combine or split both 0-80 MHz and 88-960 MHz frequencies on your radio systems then the PRO-DIPX 80/88 may be the diplexer you are looking for. Featuring a Chebychev filter design, this new PROCOM diplexer ensures very high isolation across the entire pass ranges along with very low insertion loss.vThe PRO-DIPX 80/88 makes it possible to use only one antenna for the operation of two transceivers (one in each range). The antenna must be a dual-frequency antenna, i.e. it must be resonant on the actual frequencies in the two bands. The diplexer can be operated together with any set of transceivers operating within the 0 - 80 MHz and 88 - 960 MHz frequency bands. It is available with N, SMA, TNC or BNC female connector types.

The transceivers may be used independently and will have no degrading influence on each other. Typically, the diplexer is installed next to the transceivers and only one cable is used between the diplexer and the antenna. The diplexer is suitable both for base station and mobile use. The main tasks of the diplexer are to protect the individual receiver input from damage by the transceiver in the contrary band and to ensure a low-loss path between the transceiver and the antenna which is not influenced by the other branch.

Source: Procom

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