Portuguese Government to investigate communication failures on SIRESP TETRA network


BBC News reported that the Portuguese Government has ordered an investigation on the SIRESP TERA network. It seems that at least 10 emergency calls failed to reach firefighters last week during the forest fires in which 64 people died, reports say. Civil protection officials have already revealed that rescuers were let down by the Siresp emergency services network during the four-day disaster. Now details have emerged of pleas for help that did not get through to commanders on the ground. The fire began in the area of Pedrógão Grande at the and of the day on 17 June and within hours the failures of the emergency network, which relies on mobile antennas, were becoming clear. The civil protection authority has already confirmed "failures in the Siresp network" that continued throughout the four-day emergency and on the Saturday evening, firefighters resorted to using their old radio network.

The government on Monday said it had asked for a study into Siresp's operation, particularly during serious accidents and disasters. Prime Minister Antonio Costa said last week that the network had suffered because cables and communication towers had been damaged by the fire. However, he said the mobile network had provided temporary mobile antennas. The forest fires were the worst in Portugal's history, with 64 dead and 254 injured.

Source: BBC News

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