Other TETRA Industry News

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SAMTEL reveals joint venture to build a new TETRA network for CAT Telecom


SAMTEL announced that its joint venture, "SiS Distribution, consisting of Samart I-Mobile Public Company Limited and Samart Telcoms Service Limited, a 99.99% subsidiary of the Company, will sign a ... » Read more

TETRA service provider Pro-M Zrt. joins roundtable discussion on terrorism


TETRA communications service provider for law enforcement organisations in Hungary, Pro-M Zrt., recently joined an important round table discussion „Protection against terrorism and protect... » Read more

Chile’s President Visits Trial Running Of Santiago Metro Line 6


Chile’s president Michelle Bachelet visited the trial running of Santiago metro Line 6 on July 4th. The to-be-opened Line 6 will have 15 kilometers of rails with 10 stations, and will benefit... » Read more

Governor of Walloon Brabant Region visits SEE Telecom


On June 30, 2017, SEE Telecom, a leading developer of innovative solutions and technologies for communications providers, received the visit of Mr Gilles Mahieu, Governor of Walloon Brabant region... » Read more

Portuguese Government to investigate communication failures on SIRESP TETRA network


BBC News reported that the Portuguese Government has ordered an investigation on the SIRESP TERA network. It seems that at least 10 emergency calls failed to reach firefighters last week during the... » Read more

Hytera Communications and Contel communications form Joint Venture


Hytera Communications Corp Ltd said yesterday that the company has formed a joint venture with Philippine partner Contel Communications Inc. The Chinese communications technology company expects to... » Read more

Airbus Blog shows how to fix 4 common problems for medical teams with TETRA


All medical professionals face the same problem – constantly up against the clock while trying to save lives. This involves plenty of teamwork, particularly in trauma teams and emergency surg... » Read more

Airbus explains 50 ways 'why TETRA will provide the long term support that end-users need'


Airbus Defence and Space recently released a booklet that perfectly explains 50 reasons why TETRA is the technology of choice far into the future for many end users in the critical communications e... » Read more

Teltronic to deliver TETRA for Mexican state


The company recently was awarded a large public safety TETRA network contract for the Mexican state of Mexico, through a major local system integrator. The contract was obtained through its Mexico-... » Read more