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Hytera signs contract with Fujitsu Services on Heathrow Airport TETRA project


Sepura PLC, part of the Hytera Group, signed a contract with Fujitsu Services Ltd. on Heathrow Airport’s communication network project for 1.9 million pounds ($2.51 million)» Read more

Fiber and TETRA network to supplement Dijon smart communications project


French operator Axione announced it will build a fibre network in Dijon to bring together public services data for a smart city project. A consortium led by Bouygues Energies & Services and includi... » Read more

Digita and State Security Networks Finland continue strong cooperation on Virve TETRA Network


Finnish Network Operator Digita Oy has signed a long-term contract with Suomen Virveverkko Oy, which forms part of the State Security Networks Group Finland, on construction and installation servic... » Read more

Dutch Government seeks new services provider for C2000 TETRA network


The Dutch government is seeking a new partner to maintain the C2000 emergency services network. The contract is held by Motorola and KPN, but parts of the network will need to be replaced after 201... » Read more

New TETRA radio system on C TRAN buses increases safety for riders and bus operators


Chemung County has completed installation of an updated digital radio communications network for use in its bus system, C TRAN. The PowerTrunk TETRA system replaces an analog radio system with a d... » Read more

BDBOS presents nationwide public safety TETRA network during MOI event


BDBOS, operator of the German Nationwide Public Safety TETRA network, was present during Federal Government's Open Day that was held at the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), on 26th and 27th ... » Read more

Jasco enhances recording platform with TETRA Technology


Jasco, a South African, JSE-listed company that delivers Smart Technologies across multiple disciplines such as telecommunications, Information Technology, Energy and Industry, announced that it ha... » Read more

Russia helps Syria to rebuild its satellite stations and TETRA communications network


Russian armed forces in Syria have built up a network of satellite communication stations to make up for communications links lost during the war. The link provides an important means for communica... » Read more

SAMTEL reveals joint venture to build a new TETRA network for CAT Telecom


SAMTEL announced that its joint venture, "SiS Distribution, consisting of Samart I-Mobile Public Company Limited and Samart Telcoms Service Limited, a 99.99% subsidiary of the Company, will sign a ... » Read more

TETRA service provider Pro-M Zrt. joins roundtable discussion on terrorism


TETRA communications service provider for law enforcement organisations in Hungary, Pro-M Zrt., recently joined an important round table discussion „Protection against terrorism and protect... » Read more

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