Fiber and TETRA network to supplement Dijon smart communications project


French operator Axione announced it will build a fibre network in Dijon to bring together public services data for a smart city project. A consortium led by Bouygues Energies & Services and including Citelum, Suez and Capgemini won the contract to develop the smart city services in Dijon. The consortium will build and operate for 12 years a system to collect and process data from city equipment in order to improve functioning of public services. Axione will provide a 200-km fibre network that will connect more than 120 access points across the city in order to collect data.

Axione is currently also building a private network based on TETRA technology in the greater Dijon area that will be used by the police. The TETRA network will support secure communications for public safety authorities.

Source: Axione

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