Bittium exhibits Bittium Tough Mobile at Virve User Days in Finland


Bittium announced via a press release that it exhibits its Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone at the Virve User Days in Vantaa, Finland, May 2-3. Virve is a nationwide administrative security TETRA radio network, which is used by Finnish authorities and other security operators for secure communications. The Virve User Days event brings together both representatives of the organizations using the network and e.g. equipment suppliers.

Due to the increasing need for authorities to use mobile data transfer, commercial LTE networks are being put into operation alongside the Virve network. Bittium provides information security solutions, terminals and systems that can be used in such commercial mobile networks for secure and reliable communications over speech and data connections. More on the Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone can be seen here:

Source: Bittium

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