Bitea launches NC7000 TETRA survey tool


Bitea, a technology company specialising in the design, development, manufacture and support of Radio and IT products, software and systems, based in the UK, launched recently the NC7000 TERA survey tool. The NC7000 is a scalable TETRA Network Survey tool providing RSSI levels, cell information and Voice Quality PESQ scores against Lat/Long position plots which can be shown on maps and graphs. It is suitable for commercial system coverage testing and can be scaled up to provide National Public Safety network coverage testing. Furthermore, the NC7000 can also be used to import existing coverage maps to view alongside data gathered about TETRA networks, for example 4G coverage maps.

If backhaul network coverage is temporarily unavailable NC7000 probes will store captured TETRA network data in their built-in storage until a backhaul connection becomes available again. In scenarios where backhaul connections are not available data can be locally fed into the server via Ethernet. All data is stored on the server and can be quickly and easily retrieved at any time through a simple and intuitive web interface that displays maps and graphs that show the survey results and the locations they were collected in.

Source: Bitea

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