Airbus Blog shows how to fix 4 common problems for medical teams with TETRA


All medical professionals face the same problem – constantly up against the clock while trying to save lives. This involves plenty of teamwork, particularly in trauma teams and emergency surgery. Delaying an extra second could mean someone’s life, so it’s vital that team members work together seamlessly. But even the most efficient teams need a little help. Professional radio communications can solve all sorts of issues, but most of them boil down to four problems that many medical professionals struggle with.

In the article that was published by Airbus DS SLC on their website, the company describes to how to fix 4 common problems for medical teams with TETRA. For example, the article touches the benefits of TETRA group communication, including a video that shows the top issues in an emergency doctor’s job and how TETRA communications can help. Furthermore, the benefits of TETRA alerting in hospitals are discussed and the safety of staff, when using a TETRA radio and Co-operating with other authorities. To read this very valuable article to read, specifically when you are working in the emergency sector. Please, click the READ MORE link.

Source: Airbus DS SLC

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