RadioExpo 2017


Date 04-10 - 05-10  2017
Location Hotel Gromada Airport
City Warsaw
Country Poland

The main goal of RadioEXPO is to promote and support the growth of professional mobile radio systems in Poland. Together with the exhibition of products, systems and solutions, various presentations, lectures and case studies will be held.

The subject area of this event includes mainly TETRA, DMR, dPMR and LTE for public safety. Also includes command and control, applications and dispatch systems, RF test and measurement devices.

RadioEXPO organisators are inviting representatives of Polish public safety agencies: Police, Border Guard, Customs Service, Polish Army, Municipal Police, State Fire Service, Prison Service and medical rescue coordinators. Furthermore: representatives of the central and local government (MoI, CPI, UKE, MAiC), agencies, research institutes and universities. Managers and Directors of IT/Telco companies from the energy, transport, logistics and production industries are also very welcome.

The admission for all of the visitors mentioned above is free.