Consultancy services

We are specialized in Sales and Marketing consultancy services for the Critical Communications industry

Sales & Marketing Consultancy

We are specialized in providing business advice, experience and expertise to businesses who lack the resources of their own Sales or Marketing Department or for these organizations that would like to have their sales and marketing program audited.

Due to our experience and knowledge of the TETRA Communications industry since 2003, our close contact with many industry professionals and national/international manufacturers, developers, operators and distributors, we are able to provide you a suite of services that will fit your need.

Our specialities

Many SME's are run by owners/managers or small management teams who are experts in the running of their core business and know their own product or service better than anyone, however is able to provide, either directly or through Associate companies, a wide range of general business advice across all of these areas of your business.

If you find lack of sales growth, sales not growing in line with the market or competition, if your competitors are making inroads to your exiting customers, or your marketing strategy fails, then we are able to help you by offering you a full Sales & Marketing audit.

Our analysis & plan is able to conduct a full investigation into your sales, your processes, prices, profit margins, competition, etc and produce a Marketing Plan making recommendations as to what will be needed to solve the problems.

This can be conducted as a single piece of Project Work and would generally take between 6 and 11 days work, depending on the size and nature of your business. The work required to rectify the problems will normally be a combination of both short term and long term and are normally best undertaken under the terms of a Business Support Plan.

If you wish to understand more about our consultancy services, please contact us.